Welcome Beauties,

I created BeDazzle Hair Sista to share my passions and experiences with women on my journey to achieving longer Hair. Growing up watching my mother and sister who were blessed with full long hair chop and regrow their hair instantly was frustrating. So there’s misunderstand I have hair full hair exactly but it doesn’t grow at the rate of others in my family so a chop for me means years  waiting UHG! Hair extensions enables me to express myself creatively without the hassle of going to a hair salon and protects hair while giving me the FREEDOM to experiment with various styles to without causing damage my natural hair.
We are all about helping women find or achieve their next style with Top Quality Wigs & Hair Extensions. Beauty and Quality at affordable prices. Various styles to choose from plus hair care tips for natural hair. Achieving your ideal style is our top priority. As a result of the hair we sell you will feel Beautiful, Confident, and Empowered.

Our mission is to help you look and feel your absolute best no matter the place, time or activity. A good foundation from the start can manifest into something extradentary.


This is why the hair we offer at BeDazzle Hair Sista is so loved!

****100% Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian human hair extensions****

We only obtain raw and virgin hair directly cut from pony tails so all of the cuticles are facing the same direction.  (This way the hair won’t tangle when you wash it… if you have bought low quality hair extensions before. (Choosing the Perfect Style)

We seal all hair wefts with glue, so when you are running a brush through your hair it does not leave the floor looking like someone just shaved your head… and it keeps the wefts thin to make the hair easier to weave and lay flat. (How to Properly Care for your extensions)

We ensure our hair is durable, silky, and shiny that can last years with proper care!

PLUS orders ship within 3-7 business days and we always provide you with a tracking number for every one of your purchases!