Natural Oils that Boost Hair Growth

  1.Castor Oil. Healthy hair starts from within. Increasing your daily intake of fruits and veggies into your diet. The body can easily break down and store healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables that will provide your hair follicles with the nutrients to help replenish and grow. 2. Coconut Oil. Pamper your scalp with massage […]

Virgin Hair | LET’S SHOP HAIR – What is a CLOSURE & FRONTAL?

LET’S SHOP HAIR: CLOSURES AND FRONTALS What’s the difference between a Closure and Frontal? Lace closures and frontals are units that provide the finishing touches to your install. Great for achieving a beautiful look that will keep people guessing. Each are available in two base styles Swiss Lace or Silk Base. Silk bases provide a […]

Healthy Hair Tips and Styles for Summer

  Summer is around the corner and it’s important to keep your crown healthy. Winter has finally ended and now its time for summer fun. During this time we spend most of time with friends and family doing the following activies swimming, BBQ, pinics, and traveling etc… While these outside activies are fun the sun […]

10 Habits for Growing Healthy Hair

We all want healthy, strong, thick and shiny hair. Obtaining healthy hair may not come easily to some. Unfortunately for other many factors can play a role struggling to grow healthy hair because of genetics, health issues, and diet. Understanding the root of the probem will make things easier in found what methods will work […]

Forever Wear Extensions Origins

Virgin Indian Remy Hair: Collected from the Tiraptu temples in Southern Asia where women go to donate their hair for spiritual and religious purposes, Indian hair is the most accessible and versatile hair available. Naturally fine to medium in thickness, this hair is normally dark in color yet is easily color-lifted to blonde and other, […]

Celebrity Hair | Hairstyles & Inspirations

Celebrity Hair Inspiration was created to pay homage to our beloved icons hairstyles that have inspired us to be bold, daring, fearless and empowered. Clients can achieve their favorite celebrity look with our Forever Wear Extensions line offers clients versatility, flexibility, body and movement that can fit any lifestyle. All hair comes in natural black […]

Early Morning Quick Style – Hair Extensions

360 Lace Frontal Styling Mornings can be hard on anyone we all know what it’s like. You hit the snooze button on your phone one too many times only to finally snapped up screaming I’m going to be late! Don’t worry hair is one less thing to worry about when getting ready. Hair extensions are […]

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extension

Hair extensions can be made from human hair, animal hair, and synthetic fibers. Everyone from celebrities to everyday people rock hair extensions. There’s no question as to why the hair business is a billion-dollar industry. People spend thousands of dollars a year on their hair. Before purchase your hair, extensions do research to understand what […]

Hairstyles | Define Your Look | Hair Extensions

Choosing the right hair for your next style. First of all, regardless of what type of virgin hair that you buy, BeDazzle Hair Sista has taken proper care during the harvesting of the hair from the donor. There will be very minimal tangling and/or shedding. Finding the right hair can be tricky. This is why […]

Hair Extensions Tips: How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

We want your hair to stay soft and beautiful for as long as possible. Your hair extensions should be cared for and treated like your natural hair. We came up with 4 steps that will help your hair extensions stay beautiful after wear. Our hair extensions come doubled weft and hand-sewn to ensure less shredding, […]