8″ Inch Premium Blunt Cut Bob Wig Glueless HD Lace Human Hair – Short Straight High-Quality Luxury Wig

Our exquisite Blunt Cut Bob Wig, a masterpiece crafted for the sophisticated and confident woman of today. This human hair wig embodies luxury and convenience, designed to deliver flawless beauty and supreme comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned wig enthusiast or new to the world of wigs, this glueless short straight HD lace closure wig is your ultimate companion for achieving stunning side-parted hairstyles without the hassle. Shop Now!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Human Hair: Our Blunt Cut Bob Wig is made from high-quality human hair, ensuring a natural look, realistic movement, and easy styling.
  • Glueless Design: Say goodbye to messy adhesives and embrace the freedom of a glueless installation, allowing you to effortlessly put on and remove your wig in seconds.
  • HD Lace Closure: The high-definition lace closure seamlessly blends with your skin tone, creating a virtually undetectable hairline and parting that mimics real hair.
  • Boss Side-Parted Hairstyles: Achieve a professional and chic side-parted look that exudes confidence and sophistication, perfect for the modern boss woman.
  • Low Maintenance: With minimal care, our wig retains its silky texture and shine, saving you time and effort.
  • Comfortable Fit: The adjustable straps and breathable cap ensure a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear.
  • Versatile Styling: From boardroom meetings to glamorous evenings, this wig adapts to any occasion, offering endless styling possibilities.


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Luxury Craftsmanship: Our wig is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring each strand is expertly placed for a natural flow and appearance. We pride ourselves on using the finest materials, resulting in a wig that mirrors the beauty of real hair.

***Product Information***


WIG TYPE: Glueless

HAIR TYPE: Brazilian 100% Raw Virgin REMY Human Hair


HAIR COLOR: Natural Black

LACE MATERIAL: 6x4x1.25 HD Lace

HAIRLINE: Pre-Plucked, Bleached, Left C-Side Part

LENGTH: 8″ inch


CAP CONSTRUCTION: 22″-22.5″ (Medium) comes with combs, 2 adjustable straps, and Elastic Band.


  • Clean Professional Aura: Achieve a polished, professional appearance effortlessly.
  • Effortless Stylish Allure: Add a touch of stylish allure to stand out confidently.
  • Unparalleled High-Quality: Experience top-tier craftsmanship for lasting beauty.
  • Confident Expression: Reflect self-assurance and poise in any setting.
  • Versatile Adaptability: Seamlessly transition your look for various occasions.

***How to Care:

  1. Gently detangle using a wide-tooth comb before washing.
  2. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Air-dry or use low heat to prevent damage.
  4. Store in a wig stand to maintain shape and prevent tangling.
  5. Avoid excessive heat styling for prolonged longevity.

Minimal shedding is normal.

Customer Questions and Concerns:

Q: Will the wig stay secure throughout the day?

A: Yes, our wig features adjustable straps and a secure cap for a comfortable fit, ensuring it stays in place no matter your activities.

Q: Can I style the wig with heat tools?

A: Absolutely! Our wig is heat-friendly, allowing you to use curling irons or straighteners to create your desired look.

Q: How do I achieve a natural hairline?

A: The HD lace closure and expert craftsmanship ensure a seamless hairline, making the wig virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair.

Hair Length

12 Inch, 14 Inch