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Synthetic Hair Extensions: The Pros and Cons

There’s always an ongoing debate about whether to choose human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. Even though human hair is the ones that appear to be far more natural and is more manageable while styling, coloring, and more – most people would still opt for synthetic hair extensions since they cost less.

Since they are a popular choice, you must know the pros and cons of using them as your go-to hair extension option. Let’s explore!

Pros of Using Synthetic Hair Extensions

Restores to Original Style

Hair extensions or no hair extensions, you’ll likely be styling your hair to ensure that you look great. However, when you do that with synthetic hair, it’s easier to bring them back to its original condition. All you have to do is wash them, shake them off, and leave them to dry. They quickly go back to their original state, giving you a chance to style them extensively and how often you want.

Synthetic Hair Extensions Are Affordable

Synthetic hair extensions are far more affordable – since they’re largely made out of fiber, manufacturing them is easier than creating authentic human hair extensions. Their affordability makes them super popular amongst most people out to buy extensions for their hair.

Easy to Wear & Remove

Synthetic wigs and extensions are usually available in clip-in and tape-in varieties, which are super easy to apply and remove. Their ease of use is why most people buy synthetic extensions instead of human extensions.

Cons of Using Synthetic Hair Extensions

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Unnatural Looking

One of the biggest drawbacks of using synthetic hair is that they look unnatural – shiny strands make your hair look super artificial. So unless you’re going for an unnatural look, these aren’t the right ones for you!


As affordable as synthetic hair is, they don’t last long enough to be the right option. Human hair extensions can last up to 1 year or more because, similar to natural hair, all they need is a bit of upkeep, and you’re good to go. However, with synthetic hair, you need to ensure that they are taken care of extensively, and even then, it might not be good enough to use after a few weeks.

Can’t Stand Heat Application

You can style, color, and play around with human hair extensions as much as you want – but you can’t say the same for synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair can’t endure too much heat application, and will eventually fray, become dry and brittle, and soon you won’t be able to use them again. In addition, you can’t color synthetic hair extensions more than once – which makes it difficult to maintain them for a longer period.

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